1. Culturally educates constituents and encourages cross-cultural interaction, both inside and outside the organization
  2. Incorporates consideration of all classes, races, nationalities, cultures, disabilities, and genders into organizational policy and promotions
  3. Demonstrates an honest respect and appreciation for cultural diversity
  4. Enthusiastically works with all employees at all levels, capitalizing on their strengths.
  5. Creates a climate that treats interface between diverse people and groups as the norm
  6. Reputation for receptiveness to thought diversity makes this individual a magnet for diverse thoughts and perspectives; fosters an organizational climate of inclusion that integrates the best ideas from many varied voices
  7. Actively seeks opinions and ideas from people of varied background and experiences to improve decisions.
  8. Seeks information from many different sources before deciding on own approach.
  9. Demonstrates respect for opinions and ideas of others.
  10. Values and incorporates contributions of people from diverse backgrounds.